Welli, for young riders and their ponies

Welli, saddle suitable for children and their ponies is one of the lightest saddles on the market thanks to its wooden composite tree. It has been developed to improve the position of the little rider and ensure an optimal level of comfort.

The saddle of the saddle is customizable in any color or with the famous Voltaire stripes.

Welli saddle from £3250


Welli, custom saddle

Double flap saddle, the Welli has a semi-deep seat. Multiple flap possibilities are available to best fit the morphology of the little rider. The panels are custom-made for the pony and its wide arcade free large ponies shoulders.

The Welli is available in calfskin, buffalo or grained leather, in chocolate or black.


"Voltaire Design saddles are the most comfortable and usable saddles on the market."

Oliver Townend, world number 1 in eventing


Equip the Welli of your children



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