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Blue Infinite
The 3.0 saddle

What is the blue infinite revolution ?

After 3 years of research in the R&D department, the Blue Infinite, 2nd saddle in the Blue range, revolutionized the Saddlery again by bringing it into the era of 3.0. This connected saddle provides data directly on the Voltaire Design application with indicators for both amateurs and professionals. The Blue Infinite saddle incorporates a tree with ActiveFlex technology and SpineCare panels designed with anatomical form in high tech foams.

In summary, the Blue Infinite is:
∞ a revolutionary tree
∞ panels redefined
∞ a connected saddle
∞ synchronize data with video

The ActiveFlex revolution
Flexibility and lightness


Activeflex, flexibility and lightness

The patented ActiveFlex tree is the first tree made of composite material, making it 30% lighter than a classic tree, while providing flexibility to both horse and rider.

Blue Infinite’s flexible tree points adapt to the horse’s shoulder movements allowing them to release the amplitude of their jump.

Modeled with help from dynamic movements of a panel of riders, the seat adapts to the anatomy of each rider for optimal comfort. This anatomic seat offers increased comfort for the rider at the seat bones.

SpineCare panels, absorbtion and stability

The shape of the panels is important, as is the material inside the panel.
Shock Absorption, Protection of the spine: SpineCare is the latest panel technology developed by Voltaire Design. Its combination of high tech foams offer a continuously adaptive fit with long-term comfort. The open-cell structure also provides lightweight breathability.

Anatomical shape: designed with anatomical form, the foam is hollowed at the shoulder to allow the shoulder full range of movement and helps prevent the saddle from slipping back.

Absorption and stability


Blue Infinite, the 3.0 saddle

There is a seamless and invisible integration of the electronic components, without any external device.
With our partner, we worked to make it simple to use and to provide meaningful datas for professionals and amateurs.
This saddle has two main goals: understand your horse and analyze performance.

The saddle is connected via Bluetooth to the Voltaire Design app available available on iOS and Androïd and compatible with most smartwatches. The rider is able to see in real time.

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Health and fitness companion

The goal of the Blue Infinite is to be a useful connected device. Our deep conviction is that horses are athletes and deserve objective datas to complement good horsemanship.

Not only can the saddle give indicators about the locomotion of horses and your training session, but also about their physiology. To include the heart rate indicator in our data collection, our engineering team has developed a Blue Jumping girth with electrodes.

There is no battery in the girth, nor any additional wire between the saddle and the girth, which makes it light and simple to use like a traditional girth.

The Blue Infinite, on top of being a revolutionary sports saddle, is now a health and fitness companion, which means it gives you the heart rate; it allows you to measure the intensity of the training; you’ll be able to do an electrocardiogram at home; you will be able to count the calories burned; you will be able to know the heart rate at rest and you will be able to measure the recovery time.

Health and fitness indicators provided by the blue infinite

Données de la session d'entraînement

Training session data

Rythme cardiaque

Heart rate

Intensité des entraînements et calories brûlées

Training intensity measurement and calories burn

Données sur la vitesse et la distance parcourue

Speed and distance data

Temps de récupération

Recovery time

Données sur les sauts

Jump data

3.0 saddle
Performance analysis

Blue Infinite Chic
Blue Infinite Sport


One saddle, two styles

Blue Infinite is the expression of detail, the purity of design and the nobility of materials. The Voltaire Design French Touch is conveyed in all its elegance through curves, sleek coatings and aluminum finishes. It is fully customizable in color for both leather and aluminum finish.

Available in SPORT and CHIC version.


A custom saddle

The Blue Infinite is a jumping saddle with a flat seat and also comes in a deep seat version. Multiple flaps possibilities are available according to the anatomy of the rider. The anatomical panels are custom-made for the horse.

Blue Infinite is available with calf, buffalo and grained leather, in black or chocolate.

Deep seat version
Rowan Willis is riding the flat seat


Equip your Blue Infinite



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