The best way to connect to your horse

Equisense Inside x Voltaire is the new technology just launched by Voltaire Design.
This sensor integrated under the saddle allows you to understand your horse and analyze your performance, thanks to the data directly available on your phone.

A smart sensor


Thanks to the different indicators of our Equisense Inside : anticipate lameness problems, analyze your training and adapt it every week thanks to the activity reports.

Horses are athletes and deserve special attention to their training, like any sportsman looking for performance. Performance is in the details.

Saving Data

Other Indicators

Top 7 Indicators

App Formatting

8 Indicators

Included in my Blue Infinite II

$ On Demand

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As an option on my saddle

From $490

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Watch how to put your sensor in your saddle

Contact my saddle expert to have more infos about Equisense Inside by Voltaire

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