⁣Classed 67th in the FEI Ranking, Amanda Derbyshire is one of the most recognized riders in the high level jumping. The 31-year-old rider has signed with the Voltaire Design for a year and shares equestrian anecdotes with us.

How did you get into high level show jumping?⁣

"My Mom got me into riding & I instantly found my passion. With hard work, determination and a little bit of luck i've been able to take advantage of the opportunities presented to me! "

What is your favorite equestrian memory? ⁣

"Definitely, WEG Tryon 2018! Being able to jump clear for Great Britain is something I'll never forget!"

(Amanda placed 17th individually & helped Great Britain finish in 8th overall)⁣

What are your riding goals for 2019? ⁣

"I am very much looking forward to helping Great Britain qualify for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics!⁣"

What do you think right before you enter the ring? ⁣

"Usually I go over the course and track in my head & I also like to give my horse a little pep talk.⁣"

What do you expect of your saddle? ⁣

"Most importantly, I expect that my saddle keeps my horse comfortable, however the look and functionality are also important for me!"

What do you like most about your Voltaire Design saddles? ⁣

"My favorite part about my Voltaire is that from the moment they arrive they are ready to ride in. I was even able to show in them the very same day! I also love the Swarovski Crystal logo option. "

You're one of the first riders in the world to try the Blue Infinite, what is your first impression? ⁣

I loved it when I first tried it! I recently received my Blue Infinites and I am very excited to start riding and showing in them

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