Every year during the Winter Equestrian Festival, equestrians gather together to celebrate and support Just World International by attending and donating to their beautiful Just World International Gala.

Voltaire Design has been supporting Just World International since our inception and this year on our 10 year anniversary we teamed up with fellow equestrian and artist Meghan Bacso to create a spectacular, one of a kind artwork out of our favorite Voltaire Design Saddle, the Palm Beach.


This work is centered around

The idea of connection.

Meghan created the perfect piece integrating the mission of Voltaire Design and Just World. “This work is centered around the idea of connection - just as the saddle connects the horse and rider, Just World helps connect equestrians with children in impoverished communities. The creation of this piece involved layering thousands of horizontally-inclined brushstrokes onto the surface of the saddle, joining fragmented lines into a new unity.”

We are thrilled for the new owners of this saddle and hope it brings joy and inspiration to all those who cross its path.. Voltaire Design looks forward to the future with Just World International and we hope to bring positive change to those in need.

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