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Blue Wing Voltaire Design saddle jumping hunter
Blue Wing Voltaire Design saddle jumping hunter

SmartRideTM : a revolutionary smart tree
and panel technology

What is SmartRideTM?
SmartRideTM technology has been developed by Olympic Gold Medalist Tad Coffin. It refers to the most significant re engineering of saddle tree and panel technology in history. It has many unique and patented features.

Will it fit my horse?
SmartRideTM technology was developed around the needs of the horse's back in motion. As a result, it can be used on a wide variety of back conformation without adjustment.

How does it work?
The SmartRideTM tree, made from an acrylic alloy reinforced and tuned with an array of carbon fiber, has well over 20 distinct axis of flexion. The panels use advanced materials that mimic the shape, elasticity and tone of healthy equine muscle tissue.

What can I expect?
SmartRideTM technology will benefit every element of horse performance; relaxation and freedom of movement, straightness and stride length, jumping style, soundness and longevity.

First ever!
In addition to musculoskeletal benefits, SmartRideTM technology has consistently demonstrated a neurologic benefit in greater relaxation, reduced anxiety and pain reduction.

Thanks to the SmartRideTM technology, Blue Wing is the lightest Voltaire saddle ever made.

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arçon Blue Wing Smart Ride
Blue Wing Smart Ride

first ever connected saddle

Blue wing is the first ever connected saddle. Equisense technology allows Blue Wing to track the time spent at each gait and at each direction, as well as the rhythm and the quality of the symmetry of your horse.
Among other things, the mobile application will allow you to view the calendar of your sessions and have information on the intensity of each session, including how many jumps each horse had during each session.

Blue Wing connected saddle

endless personalization

Create the saddle you want, from brushed aluminium to alligator leather.

Blue Wing selle connectée

innovative leather

Blue Wing is made of an innovative eco-friendly leather that is tanned without chrome in order to best protect the environment. The leather grip is also second to none in order to provide as much stability as possible in the leg. Blue Wing is also available with the new Blue stirrup leathers that provide outstanding grip and stability in the leg.

Blue Wing connected saddle